Current Projects

 Project: Jetpack Caverns



My main project right now is a game I like to call Jetpack Caverns. I’ve always loved games where you get to fly a jetpack, and so I finally decided to make one. This was originally going to be a somewhat small game, with versions released on smartphones, tablets, and for web browsers. This is the version you are seeing in the trailer. This version was built with a 2D game engine called HaxeFlixel.

At this point (sometime in August 2015) I decided that a small game with advertisements was not the direction I wanted to go with my game. I wanted to make a bigger game, with more variety in gameplay and a fun backstory with funny characters, and I wanted to have more power over the visuals in my game than the 2D technology would let me. I went ahead and switched from HaxeFlixel to Unity3D, and that is how I’m building the game from here on out.

With a larger game now in the works, I’m no longer planning on releasing web/mobile versions of the game. Instead, I plan to sell my game as a standalone application on Windows/Mac/Linux as well as consoles like Xbox One. Check back here from time to time for more updates. Better yet, follow @GamesNorthwest on Twitter to remain


Project: Downhill Marble Jam



Downhill Marble Jam is a little game idea I’ve had for a long time. The idea is pretty simple: You control a marble at the top of a hill. You have to make it down to the bottom of the hill without falling off the path.

I’m building this one with Unity3D and plan to release it on Android phones and tablets.

Developer Blog

Jetpack Caverns – first look (8/15/2015) - I’m back with a new game project, Jetpack Caverns! A goofy hero somehow winds up getting his hands on a jetpack — and immediately falls¬† into a cavern! After crashing at the bottom, he must now use his jetpack to navigate himself back up to the top. I started building this game in haxe, with the haxeflixel library, but recently…